ORIGINAL Orange Sharp N Spark Knife Sharpener

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The World Famous Sharp-N-Spark made famous on YouTube!
In your pocket and always on hand. Easy to use and effective on over 50 tools and Every knife! A re-shaper, honer, and life saver!
Are you a Hunter, Hiker, Camper, Angler, or Cook? Maybe a Survival Prepper? preparing for the worst, to protect you and your family? 
Introducing Sharp-N-Spark! the multi functional survival tool.
This small handy tool that can fit in your pocket is designed to keep and sharpen all knives and more than 50 tool, blades, hatchets and axes in any survival situation.
It doesn't just keep your knives sharp, but it has a built in fire starter right in the handle! Just unscrew it from the bottom and use the sharpener to create large sparks for an instant fire!
This multi purpose survival tool is made from nylon and tungsten carbide one of the strongest hardest metals in the world! Both materials will last over a lifetime! The Sharp-N-Spark and all other sharpeners in the family of Sharpens Best is guaranteed to work or your money back!
The Sharp-N-Spark keeps blades, knives, and tools sharp! It is your pocket companion.
This sharpener also features a Ferrocerium fire starter stowed into handle. It comes in bright orange for easy locating if dropped. 
The ferrocerium fire starter last a lifetime and makes for a great survival tool.
Sharp-N-Spark is 5.5 inches long and 0.625 inches in diameter.
Strike the ferrocerium with the sharpening end to create super hot sparks for starting fires. Use the Tungsten Carbide edges to sharpen your knives and tools with ease.  It doesn't break, doesn't wear out, and may Save Your Life!

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