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SURVIVOR PACK: 6 Knife Sharpeners

SURVIVOR PACK: 6 Knife Sharpeners

104,95$ Precio
94,95$Precio de oferta

The Survivor Pack is the essential set for two people. Camping, Hunting, Hiking!

(1) Sharp N Spark

(2) Longhandles

(3) Poker Chip RoundsThe SHARP-N-SPARK: This sharpener also features a magnesium fire starter stowed into handle. It comes in red and black for easy locating if dropped. The magnesium fire starter last a lifetime and makes for a great survival tool. Sharp-N-Spark is 5.5 inches long and 0.625 inches in diameter.LONGHANDLE: This handy sharp long handle is made out of nylon and tungsten carbide and has two sharpening features in one. The owner's name and cell phone number is molded into the handle and large orders over 2,000 pieces can be molded to feature your name and business name on the handle. The long-lasting carbide on this handle will not wear out and is almost impossible to break.POKER CHIP: This sharpener also features a durable key chain and is available in orange. For easy use, this simple sharpener only has open face carbide. Round Poker Chip Model is 1.375 in diameter and 0.125 inches thick.

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