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Besides having the Best Knife Sharpener in the World, Brad Loves to Travel !  Join Him on his Adventures on our Amazing YouTube Channel !  From the many Sharpens Best How To videos, to all the wonderful journeys from around the map, the videos you watch and share here will brighten your day !       "Thank You.."

Best Knife Sharpener in the World

The Sharpens Best Knife Sharpener easily makes your knives sharpest in the World!

Amazing Knife Cuts Through Tree

See how a Kitchen Knife sharpened with a Sharpens Best cuts through this hard tree.

Sea Life Park - Hawaii

Swim with the Dolphins, catch a Seal show or just enjoy the beauty with Sharpens Best

Let's Make a Fire in Nature

Brad shows how to use the Sharp-N-Spark Fire Starter to make a fire to stay warm.

One Man Builds a Castle !

Brad walks around the single Man-Made Bishop Castle in Colorado.

The Right Survival Tool Saves Lives

When you need it - You need it..! The Sharp-N-Spark can save your life!

Sharpens Best Live at the Trade Show

Brad Demonstrates the Sharpens Best family at the Gun Show.

Brad Goes to Hawaii

Sharpens Best Adventures makes a visit to the sandy beaches of Hawaii's North Shore

Razor Sharp Axe

Axe Stays Sharps from start to finish after a Sharpens Best gets a hold of it.

World's Best Fire Starter!


This sharpener also features a magnesium fire starter strowed into handle. The magnesium fire starter last a lifetime and makes for a great survival tool. Sharp-N-Spark is 5.5 inches long and 0.625 inches in diameter. Strike the magnesium with the sharpening end to create super hot sparks for starting fires.


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