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Combo: Poker Chip & Ferro Rod Survival Pack

Combo: Poker Chip & Ferro Rod Survival Pack

24,95$ Precio
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Combo Pack: One Ferro Rod & One Poker Chip Sharpener

This pack includes the favorite poker Chip Knife and Tool Sharpener and Ferrocerium rod.


Use your Sharpens Best Sharpener or your Knife and strike the Ferrocerium Rod to ignite Fires and Propane gas. Ferrocerium is like flint – but it’s not like flint at all. Chemically, ferrocerium, the metal used in the rods, is entirely dissimilar to natural flint rock. But they do the same thing: generate sparks.

You'll get hundreds of sparks from your rod and access a bottle opener too!

Get it in combo with any of your favorite Sharpens Best sharpeners.


Ferrocerium (also known in Europe as Auermetall) is a synthetic pyrophoric alloy of mischmetal (cerium, lanthanum, neodymium, other trace lanthanides and some iron – about 95% lanthanides and 5% iron) hardened by blending in oxides of iron and/or magnesium. When struck with a harder material, the mixture produces hot sparks that can reach temperatures of 3,315 °C


Item: One Ferrocerium Rod & One Poker Chip

Men’s Size
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