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ABOUT WHAT WE'RE DOING... provides survival equipment and specializes in knife sharpeners, fire starters, and survival gear. Our sharpeners are lightweight, fit in your pocket, affordable, and sharpen more than 50+ types of tools, knives, and blades. We provide only the best products that yield the best results. In addition, we also feature YouTube Tutorials and work with you one-on-one to ensure our products work right for you.  Stay Sharp My Friend!

Brad Buckner / Sharpens Best - "It Really Works"

Proof a Kitchen Knife Can cut a Tree in Two and Stay Sharp!

The Amazing Family of Knife & Blade Sharpeners and Fire Starter


Owner, Brad Buckner, pioneered mass distribution of Sharpens Best and knows more about how to sharpen with the Sharpens Best family of knife sharpeners and fire starters better than anyone else. With a lifetime of hunting, hiking, camping, and fishing experience, Brad knows these are the best sharpeners on the market.

His passion for SharpensBest products began almost 20 years ago in Deer Lodge, Montana, at a KOA Campground™. He has loved these long-lasting products ever since.


Find us around the country at gun shows, boat and RV shows, knife shows, ocean expos, rodeos, local events, motorcycle rallys, and outdoor sportsman shows. 


Brad Buckner has worked different venues doing demos of Sharpens Best products, three-days a week, 48 to 50 weeks a year for more than four years. He has presented OVER 100,000 demos!

During his demos he uses the same sharpeners to prove their durability. Every 10 days equals thousands of strokes and the sharpener is still going strong. In addition, Brad provides classes and online tutorials to showcase just how effective these sharpeners are.


Visit our YouTube channel for product tutorials and demonstrations.

Sharpens Best Long Handle

OUR BEST SELLER!  Made from long-lasting nylon and tungsten carbide, this sharpener features two sharpening surfaces, (the Cross V Carbide and Open Face Carbide) and comes in orange or red. This durable sharpener is almost impossible to break!



This sharpener also features a ferrocerium fire starter stowed into handle. The ferrocerium fire starter last a lifetime and makes for a great survival tool. Sharp-N-Spark is 5.5 inches long and 0.625 inches in diameter. Strike the ferrocerium with the sharpening end to create super hot sparks for starting fires.


Rectangle Pocket Sharpener

Enjoy the easy use of this open face and v-notch carbide sharpener. Available in orange and comes with a durable key chain attachment. Rectangle Handy Sharp is 2.125 inches long, 1.375 inches wide, and 0.25 inches thick.


Round Poker Chip Model

This sharpener also features a durable key chain and is available in orange. For easy use, this simple sharpener only has open face carbide. Round Poker Chip Model is 1.375 in diameter and 0.125 inches thick. The MUST HAVE for every survivalist! (No Respectable Pocket should be without one!)

If you’re avid outdoor people like we are, then you need one of our pocket-size knife sharpeners and fire starters. These sharpeners are not only durable, but sharpen almost any type of blade, 50 tools and counting. is your go-to resource for Survival gear and accessories. From our seriously bright flashlights, Prepstove camping equipment, to our All-In-One blade sharpener and fire starter Spark-N-Sharp, we've got what you need to stay safe and have fun!. Adventures takes us with Brad Buckner as he sharpens, cuts, slices, and enjoys the local flair and lifestyle.  Join us on our YouTube Channel where we do more than sharpen blades - we enjoy the World with Video Adventures from around the Map!  WATCH The Adventures of Sharpens Best!

"It's Just That Easy to Sharpen Knives..."

Sharpens Best Knife Sharpeners

Our superior sharpeners have been tried and proven for more than 24 years. Every hunter, hiker, fisherman, or household should have at least a pocketfull of these handy tools available at all times. Additionally, these safe and easy-to-use sharpeners can be personalized, logo'd and are perfect for company give-a-ways and effective advertising. 


Quantities for sharpeners are available from 1 to more than 100,000 and range from $9.95.

Great discount for large orders.  

All sharpeners are great for sharpening and honing various blades, ( more than 50 different kinds of blades ) including: 


• Regular Blades 
• Serrated Blade Knives

• Yard Tools
• Woodworking Tools

• Axes & Hatchets 
• Leather Working Tools

"Why is the Handy Sharp Family the Best..?"

The Family


The Long Handle sharpener is a 0.25 inches thick, 4.75 inches long, and 1 inch wide. The overall weight is 1/2 ounce. Ergonomically designed sharpener - size of a pocket comb 


The Sharp-n-Spark - all-in-one sharpener and ferrocerium fire starter  


The Rectangle - smaller pocket-sized with open face

& V-notch carbide sharpener


The Poker Chip - the easiest to carry round keychain with carbide open face.

Brad Talks about his Products with Chance Buell on TV

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