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** We Randomly Draw names from your submissions and Lucky winners gets a Brand New Sharpens Best Gear!

Product Features

  • Magnesium fire starter rod stores inside handle.

  • Scrape fire starter slowly to produce small pile of shavings. Place tender on pile of shavings and strike fire starter rod fast towards the shavings and tinder.

  • Hardened tungsten carbide sharpens: pocket knives, hunting knives, utility knives, broadheads, garden tools, hatchets, and more!

  • Pull knife blade down through the V carbide for fast easy sharpening or use the straight carbide edge to hone the cutting edge.

  • Easy to use fast pocketable and always with you.


Sharp-N-Spark Really Works!

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Knife Sharpener and Firestarter combo tool for survival gear at


The Amazing Sharp-N-Spark in Action!

Just that Much Spark and You Got fire!

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