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5 star treatment all the way! I placed an order for a couple of the Long Handy Sharpeners on What happens next was completely unexpected.  

SUPERIOR customer service!  


Brad Buckner goes completely beyond the expectations of what you would consider good customer service, he exceeds them! At the time when I had placed my order, for a couple of his sharpeners, the system hadn't charged my credit card.


Brad calls me within 20 minutes of my order being placed and explained the problem to me ...and to my surprise, Brad tells me that he's going to ship my order nonetheless and he will deal with getting his money later!! Now that's a man who truly believes in being "Thankful" that someone took the time to purchase his product.




Not only was the customer service beyond my expectations,  but the product did EXACTLY what it was designed to do!!!

Brad THANK YOU so much for being the man that you are and for maintaining the values of what customer service was founded on.


God Bless 

- Preston Gainer -


“If they order them from the Ukraine and don't complain....Why don't you buy one?"


“Hi Brad, surprisingly, your little sharpener works amazingly well. At least the wife is pleased to have a whole load of sharp knives and scissors in her kitchen drawer, first time ever, I should think. 

I found the Wild West newspaper wrapping really interesting too. It reminded me of Champion the Wonder Horse, and all those cowboy films that used to captivate me and my dad as a kid.


Good luck with your business.”

- Regards, Rob Hankin, Truro, United Kingdom



A Candid Interview with Creator, Brad Buckner


World's Best Fire Starter!


This sharpener also features a magnesium fire starter strowed into handle. The magnesium fire starter last a lifetime and makes for a great survival tool. Sharp-N-Spark is 5.5 inches long and 0.625 inches in diameter. Strike the magnesium with the sharpening end to create super hot sparks for starting fires.

Knife Sharpener and Firestarter combo tool for survival gear at






"Hello I'm Jordan Blood. I met you at the gun show last Sunday. Right now I am 15 years old and ever since I got home I've been sharpening anything i could get my hands on from my personal sword/knife collection to kitchen knives and scissors. But I'd like to ask on some advice on how to correctly sharpen serrated knives. Thank you for your time." - Jordan


Brad - "Hello Jordan. Good to hear from you. The secret to the sharpening business is ,,,,,,, practice, practice, practice,  AND you guessed it..... Practice.    If you really want to sell them, you need to sharpen every knife you can get your hands on, soon. Ask your neighbors, family, friends, I think it would be OK to charge $1.00 to sharpen while you learn.   Just get a little bit good at it before you charge. Sharpen all the knives you can find around home."


Jordan - "You gave me the incentive to sharpen my neighbors tools for a side job. You also offered to help me get a better life and secure the money I can earn from people that only work to feed their addiction. I really felt that you could help me in the long run. I just wanted to keep in touch because that small offer meant a lot to me. P.S. I love the sharpener it has been of great use and would love to eventually sell them alongside you if given the opportunity."


Brad - "Good to hear. People who succeed, work very hard to get there. For you, it will probably take 6 months to a year of just sticking to it. Do it, do it, do it."



“Just got a order of your firestarter and poker chip a few days and I have to say I am extremely happy with my purchase. I was amazed at how easy this thing was to use, and how it works exactly like you say! I am a big knife guy and bought every sharpening gizmo you can think of. I'm just amazed at the simplicity of this thing and the sharpness it gives you...I can't believe I don't see all these knife review guys on here not reviewing this thing. Thanks again from New Castle, PA...Got your sticker on my truck bud!

- Terry Miles - Pennsylvania



"Wow I am completely blown away your product works so well I am so pleased thank you for such a great product. I'll be buying a couple more in a bout a week. Thanks again - this is outstanding!"

- Garrett Sharp

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