$100 GOLD Foil Bank Note Collectible

$100 GOLD Foil Bank Note Collectible

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$100 Gold Currency replicas. Each item is die struck in Gold Metal Foil, hot pressed on Polycarbonate. Indestructible to the handling and Tearing - amazingly strong die-cast US NOTE.  Printed by 3D Technology.  This note is Same size as real U.S. Currency.  COLLECTORS WILL LOVE THIS $100 NOTE..!


They make terrific gifts, personal collection, re-sale, and much more. It is nearly indestructible, non rippable, full metal foil, and a rare representation of a US Historical Currency Note.


Brand New $100 US Currency Collectible

Old Style Bills Gold Foil

USA Stanard size banknote.

Photo’s do not do it justice.

Bendable. Foil is on mylar.

Cool gift.

Nice add on Tip!

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