5 Sharp N Spark Combo Compact Sharpeners w/ Fire Starter

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Get 5 of our Our newest Member of Field Sharpeners! This sharpener also features a ferrocerrium fire starter stowed into handle plus a bottle opener built right in. That, and the World's best knife sharpener on the side! It comes in red and black for easy locating if dropped. The magnesium fire starter last a lifetime and makes for a great survival tool. Sharp-N-Spark is the best All-In-One tool on the market.SHIPPING: We travel the country at Trade Shows, Gun Shows, Events, and cross seas... We ship promptly, but do allow proper shipment time to receive your great product.INTERNATIONAL: Allow 2-3 weeks* 
And Above All: Thank you for being a part of the Sharpens Best Family! Brad Buckner and Chance Buell (The Sharpens Best Brothers)www.SharpensBest.com