CULINARY ARTS set of 3 Knife Sharpeners

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Culinary Artists, BBQ Specialist, Legendary Chefs, or just good in the kitchen?You need these in your drawer or in your pocket - use between meats and veggies to keep your best knives sharp!


 Sharpener Pack x3: Get the Longhandle, the Rectangle, and the Poker Chip Round knife sharpeners. The best tools you can carry!

LONGHANDLE: This handy sharp long handle is made out of nylon and tungsten carbide and has two sharpening features in one. The long-lasting carbide on this handle will not wear out and is almost impossible to break.

THE RANGER SQUARE: Enjoy the easy use of this open face and V-notch carbide sharpener. Available in orange and comes with a durable key chain attachment. Ranger sharpener is 2.125 inches L, 1.375 inches W

POKER CHIP: This sharpener also features a durable key chain and is available in orange. For easy use, this simple sharpener only has open face carbide. Round Poker Chip Model is 1.375 in diameter and 0.125 inches thick.