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Ferrocerium Fire Starter Bottle Opener x1

Ferrocerium Fire Starter Bottle Opener x1

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$7.95Sale Price

Popular Request:  Ferrocerium Rod & Bottle Opener Combo:

Use your Sharpens Best Sharpener or your Knife and strike the Ferrocerium Rod to ignite Fires and Propane gas. Ferrocerium is like flint – but it’s not like flint at all. Chemically, ferrocerium, the metal used in the rods, is entirely dissimilar to natural flint rock. But they do the same thing: generate sparks.

You'll get hundreds of sparks from your rod and access a bottle opener too!

Get it in combo with any of your favorite Sharpens Best sharpeners.


Ferrocerium (also known in Europe as Auermetall) is a synthetic pyrophoric alloy of mischmetal (cerium, lanthanum, neodymium, other trace lanthanides and some iron – about 95% lanthanides and 5% iron) hardened by blending in oxides of iron and/or magnesium. When struck with a harder material, the mixture produces hot sparks that can reach temperatures of 3,315 °C


Item: One Ferrocerium Rod & Opener

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